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Frivolous Folly flower painting

Bayberry Lanning Shah's current series of impressionistic realism paintings sprang as an extension of her photography. Almost all of her paintings are of subjects that she has photographed herself.

The artist has worked in many different art media from jewelry to scarf design but always comes back to painting when an image or scene inspires.

"Using macro shots allows me to focus in on images of flowers and plants that most people are not used to seeing. Instead of just painting a typical rose bloom, I am more intrigued by the buds and thorns and uniquely shaped leaves. I hope that when people view my paintings, they ask, "What is that?" at first glance."

"Bayberry's paintings lend themselves well to any residential, corporate or hotel space. Her unique textures, colors and style bring nature's extrodinary diversity indoors."
Dean Lanning- Photographer

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ghost horses painting santorini greece painting Mom on the Moors portrait painting